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Maximize your competitive advantage with IDC’s leading research.


Stay ahead of fast-changing market conditions with the latest IDC news and insights

The Definitive Source of Tech Insight on COVID-19

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Discover the Next Source of Competitive Advantage with the Future of Intelligence

It is time to redefine what enterprise intelligence means and set a new course for the future of intelligence. Investing in future of intelligence capabilities effectively can deliver a 100% increase in knowledge worker productivity, resulting in shorter reaction times, increased product innovation, and improved customer satisfaction over the next 4-5 years. Get started with IDC:

Map Your Enterprise Intelligence

65% of an organization’s current intelligence activities use unorganized data and ad hoc processes. Learn how to gain greater value from your efforts with IDC’s new eBook.

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Featured Products

Explore key products and solutions from IDC that offer actionable market insights, competitive intelligence and tools to help drive your brand in the markets that matter most to you. 

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Subscription Services

Empowering subscribers to make well-informed decisions for their organization.

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Accurate, timely, highly-segmented data for hundreds of technology markets around the world.

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Spending Guides

Targeted technology opportunities with industry segmented data, aligning technology solutions to business use cases.

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IT Executive Programs

Actionable research, KPIs, benchmarks and best practices for business leaders.

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Sourcing Advisory Services

Price benchmarking that helps IT buyers drive savings and efficiency in IT investments and partnerships.

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Insights Industry Research

Global research that advises on business and technology issues facing today’s IT leaders.

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Custom Solutions

Custom programs across strategy, sales and marketing, and business measurement and management.

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Investment Research

Comprehensive research tailored to the financial services community.

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IDC’s live and on demand events bring thought leadership and critical market analysis to thousands of business and IT decision makers around the world.

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3rd Platform

Digital transformation (DX) and multiplied innovation continue to energize IT markets

Spending on DX projects through 2022 will be $6.1T as more enterprises move towards becoming “digitally determined”. Explore IDC’s research across critical 3rd Platform markets.

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Partner with IDC today to learn how your organization can adapt to build and maintain competitive advantage in the digital economy.

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There are more than 1,100 IDC analyst experts in over 50 countries.

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