Top Rated Production Equipment Insurance

Athos insurance has been nothing short of stellar since I started using their service for my video production equipment. First and foremost, the process of insuring my equipment insured with Athos is extremely streamlined and convenient, and the customer service team has been super responsive and approachable. Last year, I had an unfortunate accident where I spilled coffee on my MacBook Pro while working on an edit (a familiar scene I’m sure to many). After getting over the initial panic and dread of having to fork out a decent sum of cash for a new work laptop, I remembered that my insurance policy with Athos does cover my laptop and I reached out to find out more about the claims process. Aylene (at Athos) and Robin (my claim’s examiner) were extremely helpful and patient, guiding me through the entire process. Thanks to them, I had an easy and painless claims

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