In 2019, seventy two Computer Technology students graduated with students earning 64 Bachelor’s degrees, 7 Doctoral levels, and 1 Master’s diploma. University of California-Berkeley offers 6 Computer Technology degree programs. In 2019, 1,082 Computer Technology college students graduated with students earning 750 Bachelor’s degrees Technology, 289 Master’s levels, and forty […]

PARTIESFINANCE INTRODUCTION & AUTHORITY TO ACT AGREEMENTI/we as known on our application for finance, on behalf of our business noted on our application for finance (herein known as “The Client”) has given (herein known as “The Broker”) exclusive authority to act is its finance broker, for the purposes of […]

What is Corporate Finance? Its all corporate finance.             My unbiased view of the world             Every decision made in a business has financial implications, and any decision that involves the use of money is a corporate financial decision. Defined broadly, everything that a business does fits under the rubric of corporate finance. It is, […]