The 23 Most Influential Business Intelligence Blogs

Business intelligence never stands still.

In a rapidly changing landscape, even experts need to work hard to stay abreast of the latest developments and insights.

Countless resources exist to shepherd business intelligence users through these fluctuating ideas and frequent innovations.

Below is a collection of the best. Many reflect unique perspectives from across the field of business intelligence: analysts, freelance writers, and executive technology officers.

Others cover distinct aspects of business intelligence, zeroing in on specific subjects like market growth and consolidation, or the role of BI in a small business.

Still more provide a fresh take on contemporary issues and news, offering insightful analysis that goes beyond the surface headlines.

Criteria used to select the bloggers included the quality of their writing and insights, size of their following, and their impact on the BI community.

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10 Influential Tech Entrepreneurs And Their Contributions

Entrepreneurs build many of the things you use and love today. Think about it. Someone had to come up with an idea and then make the effort to build it up. Someone had to believe in that idea and fork over the money to make it reality. And when you finally unveil your creation, you have to hope that it will be successful to justify the effort put into it. Entrepreneurship is a really laborious and time consuming effort.

Then again, there are those who enjoy the challenges and the rewards that it could bring when it does succeed. These people have founded many different companies and invest in ideas that they were sure was the next big thing. In this post, we will show you 10 serial tech entrepreneurs and the companies they helped create.

Elon Musk


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10 October 2017, Written by Ben Hall, Paris Faint, David Simmons, Amanda Williams

OUR Top 40 Under 40 entrepreneurs from # 21 to # 30 are involved in a diverse mix of traditional businesses and innovative concepts which are changing the way we live.

From real estate to accounting and engineering to fire compliance, a removal company with a difference, to state of the art motion simulators, these entrepreneurs have all embraced technology changes and are ahead of the curve when it comes to business.

Even our ‘Gnocchi’ restaurateurs have embraced the need for adaptability.


THE FORMER commercial property colleagues turned business partners are the proud founders of the only commercial agency to own and operate a full-service fire and compliance business.

They have had incredible growth in the past two years achieving a 93 percent increase in their commercial property business and an

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