Our Best Homeowners Insurance Rating Compare the Best Home Insurance Companies of 2023 Company Sample Monthly Cost A.M Best Rating Learn More Company Sample Monthly Cost A.M Best Rating Learn More Company Sample Monthly Cost A.M Best Rating Learn More Company Sample Monthly Cost A.M Best Rating Learn More Company […]

Going away to college is a life-defining milestone. ​​Balancing academic performance with unprecedented independence is, at best, anxiety-inducing for adolescents shifting into adulthood. The transition has derailed many-a-college-freshmen. For David Bullock, the contrast between high school and college was more extreme than most.  A native Alaskan, Bullock grew up in […]

He was ahead of schedule and he stayed in communication with me via the entire project, not to mention the gorgeous work he and his staff did in my house. I’ve worked with Sheen Fischer and his company, Specialty Home Improvement, Inc. on 6 – eight initiatives over the previous […]

When companies misstep — by rolling out Cheeto-flavored chapstick, say, or lighter-shaped Bic perfume — they’ve usually strayed from their greatest strengths. (Hint: No one’s greatest strength is cheesy chapstick.) Meanwhile, companies that lean into what they do best often grow, fast. Take Uber: Leadership knew the strength of their rideshare app’s vehicle-tracking and route optimization technologies, […]

Home insurance shouldn’t be a buy and forget policy. Rebuilding costs change over time as likely does your interior as its updated. These changes affect how much home insurance you should carry. Homeowners, condo owners and even renters should check over their policy at least once a year and shop […]

 Top 53 Business Intelligence Companies in 2020 – Reviews, Features, Pricing, Comparison – PAT RESEARCH: B2B Reviews, Buying Guides & Best Practices  Choose first product to compare Category Any categoryA/B Testing SoftwareA/B Testing Software FreeAccount Based Marketing SoftwareAccounting SoftwareAccounting Software for Small Medium BusinessAccounting Software FreeAccounting Software Open […]

There’s just no way around it: Car insurance is something you need. Your state car insurance regulations probably require you to have some sort of insurance coverage. Your car financing or leasing company also probably requires coverage, and let’s face it, you probably don’t want to have to come up […]

Ask any expert to name the best and worst travel insurance companies, and you’ll probably get a noncommittal answer. “It depends,” they’ll say, careful not to sound like they have a favorite — or a least favorite. But ask Michael Blank, and he’ll tell you about his experience with Seven […]