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Sell 1 Million Books: How to WRITE a BESTSELLING Book! | #1MBusiness video

✎ In today’s episode of 1 Million Dollar Business, Evan interviews Neil Pasricha, a Canadian originator, and entrepreneur, and talks about how to write a bestseller!

His newest ebook on resilience is named YOU ARE AWESOME and comes out November 5, 2019. Order here:

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Victoria Hunter – Spiritual Coach

Because of this video I just wrote a ebook on how to write poetry and it is named “Sparks” and it is definitely breathable and being released this coming week.

Poet Victoria Hunter

Robin Fulton poems in his ebook are short and he won the Nobel prize. Really breathable ebooks often have a better chance at winning the Nobel prize. Breathable is more than just zone on page and length of work, it is also not being ornamental like Hemingway claims not to be. To compress a poem, means to use symbolism and literary devices more often. Your poem then will be tighter and shorter and less intimidating to read and have BREATHABILITY. All my poems are under 40 lines and not bulky on the page.

Poet Victoria Hunter

Some of Stephen Bosses ebooks can knock someone out. I don’t think his old ebooks are breathable. The ebook “A Christmas Carol” is really short and it was written under a month. One of Hemingway’s ebook is almost all dialogue. E.E Cummings ebooks are breathable. He doesn’t use many words and he uses the white zone instead of any punctuation. I no longer use punctuation actually in my poems unless it has enough dialogue and narrative.

Poet Victoria Hunter

I have a question. Do all my poems got to have pictures to them? Would if I only chose readers favorites and published poems and awarded poems?

Poet Victoria Hunter

Okay a tiny art in it, I am going to add a hand written poem, handwritten writing tricks. I am keeping my poems tight as possible. You also need to have equipment in there that recipients can claim, I can relate. Some on your finest work in the ebook, add art to go with it.

Poet Victoria Hunter

Okay actually I know why some of my poems are more favoured. They are tighter and shorter. I am adding some art to my ebook actually but I am turning photos to sketches
My ebook cover has art on the front.
Time the work to the amount time it takes to pee or poo? I will be doing that experiment.

Poet Victoria Hunter

My poems are very ready and can be understood by 5th graders and up and my poems are still original and do not have cliches and have plenty of imagery. My ebooks are going to sale large time. My whole Chapbook is readable and breathable. I go straight to the poem, no baggage, no ornament like Hemingway claims not to do. My poem being published in a print magazine, that will be in my ebook
Title: Talking to My Sister  On A Cool Afternoon
Look actually here  in this photograph
we are all posing  in the way light  and moonlight
on our old way in Oakland
and look how  me and you are wearing
the same type of hat
except yours is the color of recent
mahogany wood
and you’re holding the front edge of it
with your fingertips
and look how then
we didn’t take pictures
with arms around every another
I remember then  you kept your hair
with the tone of a sun-kissed penny
Sister remember
how lads wouldn’t stop calling you
and the right lad
that I really wanted  never wanted me
he kept glancing at you
and remember before we left the house
we relied on mirrors
to claim us how we look
and shortly before the picture was taken
we bounced down the way
singing apart of  Destiny’s Babe lyrics
I remember you were the one
that started it off
with the sexiest verse in the song
but oh wow  look how in this picture
our bodies are facing more
toward the camera
none of us is showing any body skin
and our dudes
are much bigger than us
haha  isn’t that funny


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