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Our customers are all unique, so we’ve done the research to create home insurance packages that suit a range of needs and to make it easy for you to understand your coverage and features. What’s even better is enjoying the confidence that comes from knowing you can count on TD Insurance for Home Coverage and Enhanced Home Coverage for your home, condo or as a tenant. It’s a smart way to protect the place you call home. And just another way that TD Insurance has your back.

In the case of conflict between the content on this page and your policy wordings, your policy wordings shall take precedence Please speak to an Advisor or consult your policy wordings for further details.

**Where applicable. Car insurance not available in British Columbia, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan.

Savings apply to premiums charged for base contract and the following endorsements: Above Ground Water, Extended Water Damage and Fuel Overflow or Escape. For British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, getting an online quote for condo coverage or tenant coverage will yield a 5% discount on the eligible coverages described above.