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Working from home has tax pitfalls that could lead to an IRS audit. So take note of these six tax mistakes people make when they work from home. March 23, 2020 A home title becomes a zombie title when the bank decides to cancel the foreclosure process on a home […]

A home title becomes a zombie title when the bank decides to cancel the foreclosure process on a home after the homeowner has moved out.

Knowing what will happen to a piece of property before its owner becomes ill or dies can help families avoid relationship rifts and lengthy litigation.

Here’s an economist’s perspective on how a recession may affect the housing market, and how you can prepare for it.

Whether it makes sense to refinance a mortgage now comes down to a host of personal factors.

“Do I need an accountant?” might be a looming question this tax year. Here are five instances where hiring an accountant could save you a heap of headaches.

When you’re looking for a mortgage don’t overlook credit unions. Here are the benefits of a mortgage from a credit union, as well as the downsides.

What is a capital gains tax? It’s the income tax you pay on gains from selling capital assets such as a home. Here’s what you need to know.

Taking the time to devise a strategic course of action can help those with debt feel in control of their financial lives—even if becoming debt-free is years away.

Learn about how the new tax law affects home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, so you can avoid making one of these mistakes.

Homeownership has its benefits, especially when tax filing time comes around. But the rules have changed in recent years, so it’s best to …

Refinancing a mortgage for a better interest rate can save you money, but make sure you’re aware of extra fees and other considerations. 

We’re here to set the record straight by highlighting the top misconceptions that homeowners have about taxes and real estate. 

If you’re hoping to buy a home, having a good credit score is key to qualifying for the best mortgage rate—and the biggest loan you …

Just because you have pre-approval doesn’t mean you’ve locked in that loan. Be sure not to make any of these moves before you close on your new …

A single-digit difference in your mortgage rate can mean you’ll pay thousands of dollars more over the life of your loan. Luckily, there are some …

Saving up for a down payment is one of the most intimidating parts of buying a home—and your friends and family members have probably …

The whole home buying process is filled with head-scratching questions, but most particularly when it’s time to choose a home loan. To …

Your dog or cat—heck, even your goldfish—could be eligible for certain types of tax deductions. Check them out! 

Knock a few years off that 30-year loan, and you could save thousands of dollars! Even small changes in your payment plan can pay off over …

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