Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is an Australian Government initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. As

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is an Australian Government initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. As an approved Industry Partner to the Programme, the NSW Business Chamber and Australian Business Consulting & Solutions are able to offer easy access to the best advice and networks to help eligible Australian businesses solve problems and take advantage of growth opportunities. 
The objective of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme is to drive business growth and competitiveness by supporting business improvement and innovation connections in targeted Growth Sectors; and to support the commercialisation of novel products, processes and services.  


With a national network of more than 120 experienced private sector Advisers and Facilitators, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme offers support to businesses through four elements: 


  1. Accelerating Commercialisation

  2. Business Management

  3. Innovations Connections

  4. Incubator Support


Practical support for businesses includes:

  • Advice from people with relevant private sector experience

  • Co-funded grants to commercialise new products, processes and services

  • Funding to take advantage of growth opportunities

  • Connection and collaboration opportunities.

Current Programme offerings available through the NSW Business Chamber and Australian Business Consulting & Solutions are:


Business Management 

Business Management encourages and assists small and medium businesses to improve their capabilities, extend their networks and take advantage of growth opportunities. All services utilise site visits, market analysis and consultation to tailor a report that is unique and specific to your business. Your business will then also have access to coaching and mentoring support to assist you throughout the growth journey. 


Services and grants include: 

  • A Business Evaluation from an experienced Adviser provides you with access to expert help to create a plan of action to improve and grow, tailored specifically to your business. The evaluation also gives you access to up to 12 months of coaching and mentoring support to assist you with the implementation of recommendations from the evaluation using internal resources. 

  • Growth Services is targeted to rapid growth companies and provides you with intensive specialist support, advice and connections to help overcome barriers and accelerate growth. Your business will also have access to coaching and mentoring support for up to 24 months to assist you with the business changes required to facilitate growth.

  • The Supply Chain Facilitation team works with a range of corporate buyers and their SME suppliers to explore opportunities for improvements, including new supply and market opportunities. The primary focus is assisting eligible SMEs to build their capabilities as suppliers; thereby improving the quality, efficiency and consistency of the supply chain for corporate buyers. 

  • Tourism Partnerships brings together eligible northern Australian tourism businesses that offer complementary products or services to innovate and grow together through a unique action plan to foster successful collaboration. 

  • There are also co-funded Business Growth Grants for up to $20,000*. These grants help you gain access to external expertise to implement the improvements recommended in your Business Evaluation, Supply Chain Facilitation, Growth Services or Tourism Partnership Plan report, in addition to the coaching and mentoring support you will receive from a Business Adviser.


Innovation Connections 

Innovation Connections Facilitators will help your business to assess the gaps in your business knowledge and provide specialist support to foster innovation through engagement with the research sector. An experienced Innovations Facilitator will provide support to your business by:

  • Identifying critical and strategic research needs and opportunities.

  • Connecting you with sources of expertise, technology and advice.

  • Provide pathways to engage and collaborate with the research sector. 

  • There are also matched funding grants for up to $50,000* to access research capability.
For further information about the Entrepreneur’s Programme please visit www.business.gov.au or call 13 28 46.


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