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What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur: Business Ideas for the Internet Age It’s one of the most used labels in the modern business era and, because of that, it threatens to lose its true meaning. Of course, we’re talking about the term “entrepreneur” and what it means to […]


What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur: Business Ideas for the Internet Age

It’s one of the most used labels in the modern
business era and, because of that, it threatens to lose its true meaning. Of
course, we’re talking about the term “entrepreneur” and what it means to be an
entrepreneur businessman as opposed to a regular, old-fashioned operator owner.

At its core, the two terms are similar, but they are not interchangeable and, often, business owners call themselves entrepreneurs when they really mean that they are owner-operators.

The main difference is the dynamic of movement
or, in other words, entrepreneurs use their varied experiences and expertise
across a wide range of industries rather than focusing on one niche.

Entrepreneurs live for the game and, above
all, yearn for dominance and mastery in multiple fields. It isn’t enough to
simply be successful in one business but rather they must master all fields

Popular examples of entrepreneurs include Elon
Musk, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos while excellent examples of hardcore
businessmen include Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Cornelius Vanderbilt.

The former tend to alight from industry to industry, meeting with successes of varying degrees along the way, while the latter are known for their mastery and dominance of one field.

As the above list demonstrates, one is not
superior to the other, just different in type. In this piece, we’re going to
discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur/businessman and how to distinguish
between entrepreneurial business ideas versus regular money-making concepts.

After that, we will discuss how to start an
entrepreneurial business as well as what you can do online right now to get

What Makes an Entrepreneur/Businessman?

Outlined somewhat briefly at the beginning of the article, the main difference between most businessmen and an entrepreneur is the dynamic of movement.

That means an entrepreneur moves from project
to project, lending their expertise and insights into new but related fields.

While neither route is a superior road to take, the central difference of movement and dynamism is not one to take lightly nor is it for everybody.

Being an entrepreneur also means being
comfortable with instability and change as well as the chance you could lose in
either a big or a small way.

What ties both ideas together are the desire
to improve something, whether it is a person’s lot in life or change the way an
industry function.

The best thing about the modern economy is
that the path towards being an entrepreneur, not just a business owner, is
easier than ever before.

The Internet has opened a bevy of monetization options
for people across the world and this has had a greater impact than any other
change in human history in leveling the playing field to owning your own
business and embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

How to Be a Modern Entrepreneur: Business Ideas Using the Internet

If you want to be an entrepreneur, the easiest
place to start is the Internet itself.

Not only are there are a ton of marketplaces online,
but they offer every kind of product and service you can imagine.

Best of all is the fact that you can add your
products or promote the products of other people to make money. You can also
use your skills and sell services through freelancing websites and even earn
advertising dollars on your own website.

You can generate visitors with compelling
blogs about your favorite subject, start a podcast about your hobby, or even
make YouTube videos about your daily life.

The range of options available to you to become
an entrepreneur online are almost as endless as they are open to all people. A
lot of brick-and-mortar firms require that you either have the financial
wherewithal to establish and maintain the business or you can get a loan to do

Working on the Internet requires only a computer, a
connection, and an idea. Because of this flexibility – as well as the speed
with which new ventures can be launched – the Internet’s avenues to
entrepreneurship most clearly demonstrate the strengths of being an entrepreneur
versus a business owner.

Entrepreneur vs Business Owner: What It Means for Online Businesses

Most business owners, through no fault of
their own but by sheer dint of momentum, are quite tied to the firm that
provides them with a living.

Online entrepreneurs can draw from multiple income streams and generate new ones as they move along. Depending on your tolerance for instability and chance, an online entrepreneur’s life either presents a vision of heaven or a challenge from that other place. Business owners have their own things to deal with as well but there is a certain stability to focusing on one industry or a handful and then digging in the trenches. Entrepreneurs online often must pivot – and quickly – to new markets in order to keep making money. It isn’t that traditional businesses don’t do the same thing, they do, but it is often much slower. As we have described above, it isn’t just a movement that distinguishes entrepreneurs from business owners but also the speed with which they can do so. And it all starts right in the beginning with starting an entrepreneurial business.

Starting an entrepreneur business is as easy as opening your web browser

In this part of the article, we’re going to go over some online entrepreneur business ideas to help you get started on your journey. There is a range of options here but there are all tied together by the fact that they are relatively accessible to all people and provide a lot of people with substantial incomes.

Website or Blog

One of the easiest ways to start out as an
online entrepreneur is to start a website or blog that generates ad dollars and
maybe even affiliate marketing money.

The relative ease of this might be dictated by
your comfort with web design and writing but, even if you’re not the best at
those things, you can find people to help you. The goal here is to find a
niche, generate an audience, build a community, and promote yourself and your
products (or those of other companies) to your assembled crew. That might sound
simple in writing, but it often takes a lot of work. But, once that summit is
reached, the revenue can be quite lucrative indeed.

Influencer Marketing

Like creating a website or blog but perhaps more focused on social media platforms, a lot of entrepreneurs are trying their hands at influencer marketing or monetizing their online followings in order to promote products and services.

You see a lot of this on Instagram and Twitter,
but it is also commonplace on Facebook and YouTube. This might require some
specialized knowledge and a real savvy for media but there are many people who
have built massive fortunes in this emerging industry.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos span the gamut from lifestyle
vlogs to how-to videos. If you have a skill that is in demand, you should
consider teaching others how to do it. Similarly, if you are a charismatic individual,
you might want to monetize your daily life to see how many views (and dollars)
you can pull in at the end of the day. Flexibility is what makes YouTube so
much fun for creators of all types, but it is also an amazing venue to get
yourself introduced to even greater opportunities down the road.


Like YouTube but without the video, podcasts
introduce you and your product or service to new audiences, or your podcast
could be the product itself.

Again, most podcasts require nothing more than
a recording mechanism and some means of uploading it. A bit harder than videos
or even a website, podcasts are a perennially popular niche and might make
sense to add to your product mix if the revenue is there.

eBooks and Online Classes

The ease of publishing online has opened that
world to entrepreneurs of all stripes. Integrating many of these ideas into a
coherent whole is the key to many successful entrepreneurial businesses online
and eBooks and online classes often go together with things like a
content-driven website, YouTube videos, and a compelling podcast.

Patreon and Creator Businesses

If you are an artist or creator, you should
consider selling your products on Etsy or even getting donations through
Patreon. You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to pay for talent and
how much money you could make from your abilities. Beyond that, creators are
often rewarded simply for doing what they love to do and that makes websites
like these a win-win for all involved.

Freelancing Online

Similarly, you could freelance online and even find leads for your web marketing agency or otherwise. Depending on your skills, freelancing online could be a hugely lucrative opportunity for you. As outlined above, with a whole new class of online entrepreneurs rising, the demand for talented individuals and their services is not going to diminish anytime soon.

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