Driving Innovation through Big Data Analytics

State of Business Intelligence/Business Analytics surveys are closed. Report will be sent to

State of Business Intelligence/Business Analytics
surveys are closed. Report will be sent to participants in 2013.

The BI Congress attendance
has reached our maximum limit.

Registration is now closed.

The 2012 Business Intelligence Congress 3
will bring together academic professionals and
industry representatives who share a common passion for research and education
innovation in the field of analytics. In the spirit of open
innovation – learn from, contribute your knowledge to, and brainstorm with the
key industry and academic movers and shakers

Our 2012 program will be dedicated to
Dr. Paul Gray. We are
grateful for his decades of contributions to the decision support field,
including his founding leadership of SIGDSS and his recent executive
leadership of the Teradata Univeristy Network.

suggest that you use this BI Congress website for the latest and most
accurate information about BI Congress happenings on December 15th and 16th – or
join the “BI Congress” LinkedIn group.

Why should you attend the BI Congress?: The field needs your leadership.
At the first two BI Congress events, academics and practitioners identified
current gaps in analytics teaching and research. BI instruction is not meeting
market demand, and numerous research directions remain unattended. The BI
Congress 3 will continue the momentum to close these gaps by providing support
for those who teach analytics and by facilitating constructive discussions
around analytics research.

Senior Program Advisors:

Gloria Phillips-Wren, Loyola University Maryland


Michael Goul, Arizona State University

Uday Kulkarni, Arizona State University


Barbara Wixom, University of Virginia


Join us at the Pre-ICIS BI Congress 3 in Orlando,
FL on December 15 and 16, 2012 as we innovate through big data analytics.

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsors IBM, SAS and Teradata!


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