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As a contractor, you work hard for your customers. You make sure they get the results they were going for, and that all your work is done at the highest level of professionalism. Your customers know they can trust you to care for what they value, and to be a […]

As a contractor, you work hard for your customers. You make sure they get the results they were going for, and that all your work is done at the highest level of professionalism. Your customers know they can trust you to care for what they value, and to be a serious professional. Whether you’re installing a light, fixing a broken drain, or renovating a kitchen, you take your work seriously and give it your all.

Contractor’s insurance enables you to focus on your work without distractions. Contractor insurance gives you the confidence to take on big jobs, and to succeed.  And contractors liability insurance is one more way you show your customers that you’re a professional and have taken steps to make sure that you’re covered, even in the unlikely situation that something goes wrong. General liability insurance for contractors enables you to thrive, with the awareness that you have great coverage behind you on every job, every day. Contractor’s insurance is a must for anyone who works with residential and commercial buildings, such as general contractors, handymen, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and more.

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Why Do Contractors Need Insurance?

Is Contractors Insurance Required By Law?

Depending on where you work, general liability contractors insurance can be required by law, as a minimum insurance coverage for contracting business. Regulations regarding contractor insurance vary by state and even by city. We recommend you check your local guidelines for exact legal requirements. Even so, we believe general liability contractor insurance is a good idea for any business.

Why Do I Need Contractors Insurance?

Contractors liability insurance offers your business protection and peace of mind for even the unpredictable parts of life and being a business owner. With the right independent contractor insurance, you can do your work and focus on the job at hand without fear of what could happen or worry about if something goes wrong.

What’s The Impact On Your Business?

Customers want a contractor who’s confident. Contractor general liability insurance is one way you can show them that you have an edge on your competition, with a serious insurance policy and certificate of insurance for contractors, just like they’d expect. When you have affordable contractors insurance which you can pay monthly, the impact on your profitability is small, while the impact on your level of professionalism is huge. Insurance for self-employed contractors proves to your customers that not only will you do your job properly, but you’ll take care of them even in the unlikely case of an accident.

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  • Insurance premiums you can afford
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  • Low deductibles
  • No extra fees for certificate of insurance or additional insured
  • Instant cancellation anytime with no further charges


  • Policies based on your activities
  • No coverage you don’t need
  • Policies tailored around your needs
  • Get the exact coverage you need

Recommended Contractor Insurance Coverage:

When it comes to contractors insurance, you need to know that you’re getting all the coverage you need. In order to be confident that you have the the best contractor insurance for your needs, you should understand what you’re getting. Here’s an explanation of the most important coverage for contractor liability insurance:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for contractors is the basis of solid insurance coverage. General liability insurance covers many different types of situations, but at its core it offers protection in case something goes wrong and your business is to blame.

Contractors general liability insurance coverage related to damage related to bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. Those terms can be a bit confusing, so allow us to explain.

Bodily injury in this case is a physical injury to a third party–not you or one of your employees, but someone else altogether. So if someone trips on an extension cord you were using and breaks their wrist, or a tool you were working with falls and hits someone on their foot and they need stitches, or even if someone walks into your office and falls, you could be blamed and your independent contractor insurance could cover you.

Personal injury is a bit more complicated when it comes to contractors insurance. It refers not to physical injuries, but rather to if you accidentally commit copyright infringement by using someone else’s photo in an advertisement, or make fun of a competitor and are sued for defamation of character, or something similar. In that case, your contractors general liability insurance might be relevant.

Finally, contractor liability insurance also includes property damage. Given how much time most contractors like you spend on property that doesn’t belong to you, it’s probably not hard to imagine that at some point you could cause or be blamed for property damage. Whether it’s a ladder scratching a hardwood floor, or even an appliance getting damaged while you are moving it, you’ll want to be sure your contractors liability insurance covers property damage.

Professional Liability Insurance

While general liability insurance for contractors is a must , professional liability is also important coverage. Professional liability insurance covers you for cases where you are accused of not having done your job properly, whether that’s true or not.

For contractors, that could include a case of a sink not being installed properly so it requires someone to reinstall it, or a paint job that wasn’t completed to a customer’s satisfaction if they make a claim that it has to be redone.

Professional liability insurance claims for contractors are often much smaller than general liability claims, which is why the professional liability coverage that we include in our contractors insurance comes with lower limits.

It’s also important to note that professional liability is sometimes referred to as “errors and omissions insurance,” or “E&O.”

Our Approach: A Single Contractor’s Insurance Policy

We know that you’re busy. You don’t have extra time to deal with your insurance, figuring out which contractor insurance policy you have and need. That’s why rather than selling separate general and professional liability policies, we offer one contractors insurance policy that combines both, to suit your needs as well as possible while requiring as little time and energy from you as possible.

We believe that by offering you one policy, we’re able to offer great coverage at an affordable price. Our policy is based on extensive research for each professional class, to offer all the coverage you need, with no extras you don’t need.

We know your time and money are limited, but your need for solid coverage isn’t; that’s why we promise to offer you a policy that’s simple, affordable and tailored to your needs.


We have a section of questions contractors frequently ask about contractors liability insurance, and you’re welcome to check it out. In addition, here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently:

What If I Do Multiple Activities? Handyman and Plumber, Electrician and Painter?

Doing multiple activities is not a problem for getting contractor insurance from us. if you do different tasks, you should apply for a general contractor policy, and in the questionnaire you fill out, you will have space to indicate exactly what percentage of the time you spend on each.

We understand that you do different tasks, and that won’t stop you from getting your independent contractor liability insurance.

How Much is Contractors Insurance?

Contractor insurance costs can vary based on the size of your business, what sort of activities you do, and even where you’re located. Different states have different risk profiles, so it’s hard to give you an independent contractor insurance cost estimate without the details of your business.

Professionals such as electricians and landscapers pay a median price of under $1 per day, or about $29 per month, while carpenters and handymen pay around $41 per month, or just over $1 per day. Roofers tend to do more dangerous work and therefore have a higher contractor liability insurance cost, on average $133 per month.

The best way to figure out your personal contractor insurance cost is to get a quote. The whole process is completely online and takes only a few minutes.

How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

Buying insurance for contractors can be confusing, as you try to figure out who you can trust. One of the best ways to decide where to buy your policy is to check out reviews from customers just like you. Take a look at the reviews our customers have left and you’ll see that our promise of simple, affordable, tailored contractor liability insurance isn’t just a promise, but is truly what we offer.

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