Blue Finance


Blue finance is a social enterprise with expertise and a track record in management and sustainable financing of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Blue finance’s objective is to improve the management of at least twenty MPAs by 2030.


Our approach relies on a proven concept of co-management lease for MPAs with tangible revenue models, leveraged by blended finance and empowering local communities.

Blue finance works with Governments, local stakeholders, donors and investors to design, finance and implement joint partnerships and blended finance solutions for the collaborative management of MPAs. 


One of the largest MPAs in the Caribbean (the SE Coral Reef Marine Sanctuary in the Dominican Republic) is under a long term management lease with local partners and Blue finance as lessees (more details).

The Dominican Republic MPA protects 800,000 ha of coral reef

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Business school rankings from the Financial Times

1 4 8 41 Edhec Business School Edhec MSc in Financial Markets France 105,45521,275 79 199 8 871 19 97 (80)1 393 2817 427 476 656 842 11 22 10 901 205 1000 2 1 1 10 HEC Paris MSC International Finance (MIF) France 118,47622,216 48 157 35 911 3 99 (96)1 190 286 130 712 901 670 21 123 10 1000 100 1000 3 7 6 51 Essec Business School Master in Finance France / Singapore 107,43528,414 64 119 9 882 13 96 (87)2 311 284 3828 552 5218 6212 41 71 10 990 130 1000 4 2
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Washington State Housing Finance Commission

The Algerian Finance Minister debunked the government over the country’s finance following the crash of global oil, noting that the situation is dire and that it is pointless to lie.

Abderrahmane Raouya, during an improvised press conference in capital Algiers Wednesday, confirmed that the state finances have drastically dwindled, TSA reports.

The North African country has seen its resources affected after the oil prices have plunged across the globe due to low demand as the lockdown because of the novel covid-19 reduced economic activity worldwide.

The country’s national budget depends heavily on oil and gas revenues, which account for 97 per cent of total sales abroad.

The current national budget was built on a price of $50 a barrel at a time benchmark international crudes are trading at their lowest in about two decades. The country’s crude oil, Saharan blend, dropped and is currently sold at around $11.72 per barrel.

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Mission and Vision | Opportunity Finance Network


OFN’s mission through 2025 is to lead CDFIs and their partners to ensure that low-income, low-wealth, and other underserved people and communities have access to affordable, responsible financial products and services.

Core Purpose & Vision

OFN exists to align capital with social, economic, and political justice. This is OFN’s purpose. OFN will pursue this purpose for as long as it takes to achieve. When capital and justice are aligned, all people will have the resources and opportunities to act in the best interests of their communities, themselves, and future generations. This is OFN’s vision.

Core Values

OFN’s work is bounded by two values that anchor all that we do:

Justice: Every facet of our work should be directed toward and reflect an unwavering commitment to fair and equal access to, opportunity in, and responsibility for social, economic, and political life. For us, justice is a unifying value.

Excellence: The

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