JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will begin to sell one million shares of the bank he runs next year, the company said Friday in a filing. The plan sparked concern that Dimon, 67, could be contemplating retirement. Dimon is arguably the country’s top banker. He has led JPMorgan since 2005, […]

Frightened residents fled Gaza City after Israel told more than 1mn people to leave the area in a move Palestinians denounced as a “forced displacement” and which the UN said would be “calamitous”. Thousands were on the move on Friday, departing their homes in overcrowded minibuses, in cars and on […]

Bitcoin has dropped close to 40% since Warren Buffett described it as ‘rat poison squared’: Here are 3 stocks he invested in that outperformed crypto Billionaire Warren Buffett memorably described Bitcoin as “rat poised squared” during a shareholder meeting in April 2022. Bitcoin was trading near $40,000 at the time. […]