BI tools offer a great way for your company to monitor data and generate actionable business insights. Your business desperately needs this information to make better and smarter decisions that drive results. Business Intelligence system is a suite of tools that are designed to retrieve, sort, consolidate, analyze data and […]

“ The availability of documents in machine-readable form is a basic requirement of the system. Typewriters with paper-tape punching attachments are already used extensively in information processing and communication operations. Their use as standard equipment in the future would provide machine-readable records of new information. The transcription of old records […]

What is business intelligence? Often referred to as simply “BI,” business intelligence is a software application that can be used to analyze the raw data a company produces. These applications provide a series of related activities, from data mining to querying and reporting, so that organizations can cut costs, make […]

Facts about Business Intelligence present the valuable information about the tools and method in the business analysis. The people can transform the raw data into useful and meaningful information. People often call Business Intelligence as BI. Let’s find out other facts about BI below: Facts about Business Intelligence 1: the […]

Business intelligence software is a type of application software designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence. The applications generally read data that has been previously stored, often – though not necessarily – in a data warehouse or data mart. History[edit] Development of business intelligence software[edit] The […]

BIRT: The Project BIRT is an open source software project that provides the BIRT technology platform to create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications, especially those based on Java and Java EE. BIRT is a top-level software project within the Eclipse Foundation, […]

By Jesus Torres | January 8th, 2010 Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Informational Environments are some terms to name the efforts to convert all transactional data generated by daily activities of some organization into valuable and timely information to make accurate decisions, to measure the performance of this organization in […]

The amount of data produced by businesses and devices is going nowhere but up. In this scenario, the major advantage of Python is that it’s a general-purpose language and gives you a lot of flexibility in data structures. Python is an excellent tool for more specialized analysis tasks, and is […]

Projects in agile method Students of the master programme in Business Intelligence & Analytics will execute projects to learn about the efficient (lean) and flexible (agile) way of working between Business and Information Systems. The programme welcomes students coming from all over the world and of different study backgrounds and experiences assuring a diverse multicultural experience. […]