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Business Intelligence tools for intelligent business


Save time with reliable metrics that everyone can agree on.


Work from a single source for all your data—when and where you need it most.


Find more than answers through integrations with 3rd-party tools.

Your data, your business, your metrics

Define how different data sources relate to one another and what that data means. Then, combine all your data to get a full view of the metrics that represent your company.

Data modeling in Looker

A 360° view of your customer

Give every employee the ability to see a customer across touchpoints and unlock personal interactions with them.

Whether identifying upsell opportunities, understanding usage patterns of successful customers, or creating more tailored messages, your business efficiency will improve as customer understanding increases.

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Tell a story with your data

Great visualizations and dashboards are at the core of any business intelligence tool. Looker delivers these and much more. Because Looker connects directly to live, row-level data, you can drill deeply from every dashboard to understand what’s happening now.

Business intelligence by Looker

Looker’s uniquely powerful data platform helps companies get real value from their data. With Looker’s BI solution, everyone in the business can ask sophisticated questions of the data and get insights that make sense.

Define Metrics Once

Looker intelligently generates your base model, allowing you to focus on defining the relationships and metrics that drive your business—all in a single location. Every employee can access a centralized store of accurate, customizable metrics. From your definition of a customer to your version of lifetime value, teams can come together around fresh, actionable data they can trust.

Visualizations That Tell a Story

Create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards that allow users to explore patterns in data. Easily share data-rich visualizations anytime, from any device.

Scale with Today’s Technologies

Today’s databases can easily query massive amounts of data. Because Looker connects directly to your database, you are able to truly leverage that power. No data extracts, no software to download, and virtually no limits on what you can explore.

Build a Data Culture

When the whole company has reliable, trustworthy answers, everyone can answer their own questions and make more informed data-driven decisions. With Looker, companies like Credit Karma, The Economist, and Etsy can now use data to back up every opinion.

Experiences built for everyone

Ask, answer, share

Looker’s powerful explore section gives users of all levels a drag-and-drop experience so they can go beyond pre-made dashboards and reports to ask their unique questions.

This flexible interface gives users the opportunity to iterate on questions in real-time and better understand their piece of the business.

Integrations that power actionable insights

Make every dashboard and report actionable using pre-packaged integrations with top SaaS applications. Send data to tools like Slack, Dropbox, Marketo, and Segment to initiate workflows—and use webhooks and our API to send data anywhere.

Better intelligence in the tools you love

Bring insights into your favorite SaaS platforms to make data part of every conversation and embed back into tools like Salesforce, Confluence, Sharepoint, and Powerpoint.

Stay alert with fresh data

Be alerted of issues before they become problems. Set alerts for everything from low sales to fraudulent orders to ETL failures. Schedule reports if you know what data you’ll need and when.

Access for everyone—SQL optional

Looker’s SQL Runner allows analysts to quickly see what is in their data and send less technical users explorable reports.

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