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In 2013, the Wisconsin School of Business and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) funded a new program aimed at helping nascent entrepreneurs navigate through the many business issues that arise when starting and growing a new business. This program is known as the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic.


Table of Contents

Our Mission

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic, in collaboration with the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E), the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery, and WARF, will provide free business advice and services for Wisconsin based entrepreneurs. Under the direction of Michael Williams, MBA students and senior level undergraduates undertake various projects that the businesses require.

  1. »Helping researchers, students, and university affiliates start new businesses
  2. »Expanding business support for entrepreneurs in the local community, starting with researchers at UW-Madison
  3. »Expanding applied learning opportunities for business students and law students at the intersection of their respective fields and in the domain of entrepreneurship

Our Services

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic provides assistance with overall business strategy, customer driven models, operations, founder issues, sales & marketing, resources needed, financial services, and competitive analyis.

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