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Commercial banks are in the business of providing banking services to individuals, small businesses and large organizations.
While the banking sector has been consolidating, it is worth noting that far more people have jobs in the commercial
banking sector than any other part of the financial services industry. Jobs in banking can be exciting and offer excellent
opportunities to learn about business, interact with people and build up a clientele.

Today’s commercial banks are more diverse than ever. You’ll find a tremendous range of opportunities in commercial banking, starting
at the branch level where you might start out as a teller to a wide variety of other services such as leasing, credit
card banking, international finance and trade credit.

If you are well-prepared and enthusiastic about entering the field, you are likely to find a wide variety of commercial banking jobs open
to you. Carefully read through the material below as you decide whether you’ve got what it takes to pursue a
career in commercial banking.

Further Information on Commercial Banking

  • Skills & Talents Required in Banking
  • Job Options in Commercial Banking
  • Salaries for Commercial Bankers
  • Commercial Banking Career Bookstore
  • Links & Resources to Learn More
  • Facts & Advice About Commercial Banking
  • Top Commercial Banks

Best Resources

The Bank Analysts Handbook
By Steven Frost
Modern Banking
By S. Heffernan.
American Bankers Association

Vault Guide to the Top 50 Banking Employers
By Derek Loosvelt.
Careers at Wells Fargo
A great site that explains positions in commercial banking for both undergrads and recent MBAs. Also discusses entry
level positions for persons without a degree.
Financial Markets and Institutions
By Mishkin and Eakins.
Standard And Poor’s Fundamentals of Corporate Credit Analysis
By Ganquin and Biardello.
Careers Opportunities in Banking, Finance and Insurance
By Thomas Fitch.
Careers in Finance
By Trudy Ring, VGM Career Horizons.

Career Links

  • Banking Basics from Citigroup
  • Bank Jobs
  • ABA Career Bank
  • Find Job Listings on thousands of job sites with one search. Provided by, “a one stop shop for job seekers” (Wall Street Journal).


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  • Banking Blog
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  • Bank Lawyers Blog
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  • Informed Banking Online
  • Justin’s Banking Blog
  • NetBanker

Commercial Banking Videos

  • Videos about Job Options at National City Bank
  • A Day in the Life at Key Bank
  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • JP Morgan Biography

“Bankers are just like everyone else, only richer.”

Ogden Nash, poet and author of
humorous verse

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