Day: September 15, 2020

Business Intelligence: How It Can Transform Manufacturing

Even the layman would know that the manufacturing industry is an inherently complicated endeavor, owing to the many, many factors involved. It has been at the center of some intense change and a lot of this can be ascribed to technology. The evolution of technology over the past few decades has empowered the industry with countless tools and resources, allowing companies operating in the space to continue on the path to growth. Unfortunately, there is one technology that seems to be a tad resistant, Business Intelligence. Researchers have found that despite BI’s popularity, the manufacturing industry is lagging in its uptake of this novel resource.

It has often been chalked up to the dependence on Enterprise Resource Planning systems. While ERP systems are also valuable and have much to contribute, they typically lack analytical skills and that is where business intelligence comes in. For starters, it brings together all of

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Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends in 2020

Gone are the days when data was all spread in excel files and traditional databases within the organization’s context. With the rise of the online age, we have data in social media and cloud-based services that themselves generate tons of data. It is difficult to get an overall view of how the business is performing without having to look for reports in different places. Business Intelligence is all about harnessing the data that a business generates in all its activities and then analyze and visualize this data in order to clearly understand it and gain valuable insights to interpret the performance of the business.

Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

In theory, it sounds quite simple but in practice, it is quite challenging. Therefore, businesses have adopted automated tools to get the repetitive stuff done quickly and focus on the Key Performance Indicators thrown out by those tools. Although, Business Intelligence

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