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Oh s***t,I lost an answer which I was beginig to compose! That’s bad but that’s

Oh s***t,I lost an answer which I was beginig to compose! That’s bad but that’s ok.

Let see, first I’ve got to tell you, Fin girl, that I ain’t an “intelligence theory” when I think of that, but a certain notion of its nature, of what it is.

For me, inteligence has two senses (“directions”). Sense and direction, in Portuguese, have very similar meanings. In Time, we say that we have the present, the past and the future. In inteligence, I could say (I’ve never read on it, I’m “creating” the following ideas) that there are two directions: a backward and a forward. (para trás e para frente, in Port.). Backwards apoints to what has been done “theoretically” before the subject (the concret thinker); all the intellectual production, art production, movements; here I include the own interpretation of known facts, expressive things… Forward apoints to what can be done from it all; apoints to the clarification of which is which, what is what; apoints to bring up rules, concepts, and with this all create a new way of seeing the Nature, understood as the Reality. So, when Einstein made up his theory of relativity, it made us see-interact with the reality in a different way-form. So, this is a creation part of “this theory”. When he, Einstein, did what he did, he nedeed no know what was done before him… and this is the backward part of it.

(Note 1: I don’t know if the “forward” and “backward” are the most appropriate English words for that; it is understandable when we notece that I am not a native English speaker. Note 2: this two directions always suppose a mid term which is the subject, and this pressupposes a present time, a consciousness.)

I y say that Aristotle is the most inteligente one in the whole world, in all times, because of his producition, because of his atitude, because of his conditions (social, political), form of production (stile [or “style”], I never know!) and “consisão” in my mother tongue. I ain’t know in Englsh!) between other things.

No one in the in history made such thing that Aristotle did, masterly.

Though, he was infuenced by his culture too, as well as every human being. He was “for” slavery, because he thought that every thing (one) has a natural essence, and the slaves’ ones is that one. This is one of fault of him, between other…

Alright Fin? I think my exposition was not the best I could do, but I tried…

In a few words: an intelligent person is the one that can “do” or “work” with that two directions, senses, appropriatly. The more one do that, the more it’ll be intelligent.

Source(s): Myself. Isaque G. Corrêa, 05, 19the , 2006.

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