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24 Best Business Intelligence(BI) Tools List in 2020

What is Business Intelligence Tool?

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI) tools are software that collects, transforms, presents data to help decision-makers drive business growth. BI tools ingest large amounts of structured and unstructured data from varied sources, transform it and help deduce actionable business insights from the data.

Here are the Top BI tools with its popular features and download links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

1) Grow

Grow is a cloud business intelligence platform that allows all users, whether experienced data analysts or business users, to take control of their data and find actionable insights


  • 115+ ready-made data connectors for commonly used systems (Salesforce, Bronto, Marketo).
  • 20 different data visualizations for creating custom dashboards and telling your data story.
  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • Simple user interface for managing SQL and ready-made transforms.
  • Grow’s app, Slack integration, scheduled email sends, and permalinks make sharing insights with the rest
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5 Types of Business Intelligence Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Better business intelligence leads to smarter business decisions, yet many companies continue to rely on outdated equipment and practices. Some do it because they can’t find room in the budget. Others don’t even realize they have options. With a new year on the calendar and more intelligence tools on the market than ever, company leaders can’t afford to enter battle in the 2020s using last decade’s weapons.

Types of Business Intelligence Tools

Check out these critical types of intelligence tools every business needs in the new decade:

1. Reporting

You may know where to find your data, but do you know what that data says? With smarter reporting tools, you can understand the insights lying hidden in your activities and use that knowledge to make better decisions for your company.

For example, many businesses rely on a group purchasing organization (GPO) to get access to discounts for supplies

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Top Business Intelligence Skills, Tools And Software | CIOReview

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Complete Guide to Business Intelligence tools integration

Reading time: 16 minutes

All business operates with data – information generated from your company’s many internal and external sources. And these data channels serve as a pair of eyes for executives, supplying them with the analytical information about what is going on with the business and the market. Accordingly, any misconception, inaccuracy, or lack of information may lead to a distorted view of the market situation as well as internal operations – followed by bad decisions.

Making data-driven decisions requires a 360° view of all the aspects of your business, even those you didn’t think of. But how to turn unstructured data chunks into something useful? The answer is business intelligence.

We’ve already discussed machine learning strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss the actual steps of bringing business intelligence into your existing corporate infrastructure. You will learn how to set up a business intelligence strategy and integrate tools into

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List of Top Business Intelligence (BI) Tools 2020

Business Intelligence Tools Overview

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence tools are designed to make sense of the huge quantities of data that organizations accumulate over time. BI tools analyze this information and present it as actionable information that can guide decision making.

Business Intelligence software (BI) makes up a large heterogeneous category of software. Not all tools in the category can be meaningfully compared to each other. There are several types of BI tools of which the most substantive are Full-Stack Business Intelligence Tools and Data Visualization Tools.

Business Intelligence Tools Features & Capabilities

  • BI Platform Type
  • Supported Data Sources
  • Standard Reporting
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Report Output and Scheduling
  • Data Discovery and Visualization
  • Access Control and Security
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • APIs / Embedding

Full-Stack Business Intelligence Tools

Full-stack or traditional products are enterprise-level BI tools designed to solve the specific problem of enterprise data silos. Much crucial business data is
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Best Business Intelligence Tools 2020

BI tools offer a great way for your company to monitor data and generate actionable business insights. Your business desperately needs this information to make better and smarter decisions that drive results.

Business Intelligence system is a suite of tools that are designed to retrieve, sort, consolidate, analyze data and deliver the results in easily digestible formats, charts, maps, graphs for the businesses. As such, the business can use the reports for insights into what needs to be improved and inform the next leg (phase) of decision making.

business intelligence evolution

Your company needs best business intelligence system to achieve strategic goals that include:

  • Measuring KPIs.
  • Identifying weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities.
  • Help them see the relations between different datasets so as to make informed decisions.
  • Plan for the health of your business.
  • Help them generate reports and actionable insights that inform their decision-making.

But, as much as they might sound similar, these

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Entrepreneur Business Ideas – Tools & Tutorials

This app contains articles on getting business ideas, protecting business ideas, and how to generally think about business ideas. In addition to the articles, there is a list of 100 business ideas. In addition to that, there is a tool to help you begin planning your own business – all on this one app!!

All the tips on business ideas for entrepreneurs are tips and suggestions came from our experience growing our business plan app. That business plan app now has over 100,000 downloads and over 20,000 business plans. So if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start a business, the apps based on many entrepreneurs just like you.

This app focuses on business ideas. It contains articles on these business entrepreneur topics:
1) How to get business ideas
2) Psychology of being a small business owner and an entrepreneur
3) Evolution of a business idea and how

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Microsoft BI Tools | Microsoft Business Intelligence Software In 2020

We’re truly living in the age of Big Data. For modern businesses, information is everything. Microsoft business intelligence tools provide a solution for handling the volume of important information continuously collected by modern companies.

With the right tools, you can process huge amounts of data in mere seconds, and it is this part of the process that counts. Any business can collect information, but it takes skill and careful management using business intelligence tools to make it valuable.

This is the essence of “business intelligence”: the ability to take vast quantities of market data and extract trends and patterns.

Fortunately, business intelligence software has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years. It is capable of processing and collating data from a hundred different sources so your company has the best possible view on the market. The Microsoft Business Intelligence suite is one such solution, and it offers a comprehensive array of

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Top 15 Business Intelligence Tools: An Overview

If you are considering implementing a business intelligence tool, or BI tool, there are tons of different options. Business intelligence tools are all about helping you understand trends and deriving insights from your data so that you can make tactical and strategic business decisions. But how do you know which business intelligence tool helps you achieve the online goals?

In fact, many SMB businesses are hopping on the BI bandwagon, especially as the prevalence of big data continues to rise. In fact, according to BetterBuys, this market is so popular that it is predicted to grow to $20 billion by 2019.

Why use business intelligence tools?

First off, data discovery, which used to be limited to the expertise of advanced analytics specialists, is now something everyone can do using these tools. And not only that, these tools give you the insights you need to achieve things like growth, resolve issues

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15 Best Business Intelligence Tools For Small And Big Business

What is the best business intelligence tool for small and big businesses?

The best business intelligence tool for small and big businesses is Sisense because of its scalable architecture and its extensive set of features that range from data consolidation and filtering to analytics and reporting. This platform’s interface is also simple to use for beginners and powerful enough to handle the requirements of professionals.

Small companies and large enterprises may have their fair share of differences, but there’s one thing they have in common: the need for actionable insights to improve their business. Luckily, business intelligence software tools are more accessible and flexible today. With these software solutions, companies of all sizes can now collect, analyze, and convert such data into understandable reports that can provide businesses with valuable insights, which in turn drive corporate profits.

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