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  • Getting New Business Ideas: Considering
    strengths and weaknesses, getting and assessing ideas, and next
  • Devising Business Plan Strategies:
    Success and failure, existing strategies and future SWOTs, strategic
    combinations and statements, and next steps.
  • Developing a Strategic Business Plan: Key
    steps, hindsight plus cause & effect, SWOTs and planning
  • How to Write a Business Plan: Importance
    of strategy, preparatory work, planning to plan, outline of a
    business plan, and tips when writing.
  • Insights into a Business Plan:
    Scope of survey, overview of findings, lessons learnt, and detailed
    results and conclusions.
  • Preparing Financial Projections:
    Financial modeling with a computer, how models work, planning
    to plan, and tips & traps.
  • Making Cashflow Forecasts: Importance
    of cash, cash flow vs. profit, calculating cash flows, planning
    and the pitfalls, and improving cash
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Strategic Business Intelligence Inc

Market Intelligence for Strategy, Sales, Product Management and other Stakeholders in Financial Technology and Financial Services 


Insightful market intelligence is an essential component of effective market positioning — whether your are a vendor competing in the market, or an investor evaluating disruptive opportunities. The more you know about current and emerging industry trends, competitors’ capabilities and intentions, and customer preferences and perceptions, the better you can deploy strategies to achieve your objectives.


At Strategic Business Intelligence, we excel in the qualitative analysis of the financial technology and financial industry – both classic and new. With a specialist’s focus on these industries since the early 1990s, we serve a blue chip client base of vendors, financial institutions and investment firms. 

  • Competitor Profiles
  • Product Concept Validation
  • Customer Needs Analysis


“…provided us with key insights as to where to focus our efforts…” Read More
“…has been a
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Business Intelligence Helps in Strategic Decision Making

September 17, 2012 Jim Iyoob

Business intelligence helps extract crucial facts from a vast amount of unstructured data and transform them into actionable information that enables companies to make informed strategic decisions, improving operational efficiency and business productivity. This actionable information provides crucial insights that reveal the underlying currents of customer behavior, their likes and dislikes, online shopping experience etc. Everyday contact centers handle thousands of customer interactions that hold virtually untapped vital insights which can be efficiently leveraged to provide immense value to businesses. This information remains largely under utilized except when evaluated for Quality Assurance purposes.

Business intelligence can arm companies with rich data resources that can help them achieve their business goals and targets by guiding timely strategic decisions. Interactions with customers in the form of voice calls, chat interactions, emails etc can be thoroughly analyzed by business intelligence gathering teams to shed light on aspects such

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Strategic Insight Group

We live at a time of unprecedented change and upheaval

The old world order that has governed global political and business relations is under stress, and parts of it are failing and being swept away. At the same time, innovation is changing the game even as it is being played: new technologies and their often disruptive impact on societies throughout the world are creating unexpected challenges and opportunities. Technologies ranging from crypto-currencies to social media are radically and continually changing the nature of societies, with profound implications for investor and commercial interests in areas ranging from business competition to the role of the state. The combination of complexity and connectivity is producing financial, social, and political environments unlike any experienced before in human history. New currents and counter-currents appear daily on a local, regional, national, and international basis.

Most disturbing to many investors and businesses is the “over-the-horizon” and seemingly

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