How To Track Your Stock Portfolio

When you use multiple brokerage companies to buy stocks in different companies, it’s hard to keep track of your portfolio, capital gains and dividend income. Luckily, Google Finance has an easy to use online portfolio tracker where you can gather all your stock holdings and see your performance over time, track commissions and dividends.

Create a New Stock Portfolio

You’ll need a Google Account to use the Google Finance portfolio tracking, but chances are you already have one. After logging into your Google Account, head over to Google Finance Portfolios and hit the “Create new Portfolio” button on the top right:

Create New Portfolio with Google Finance

Create New Portfolio with Google Finance

If you’d like to track your holdings in a single portfolio, choose a generic name, like “My Stocks” or “My Portfolio”. If you’d rather track your stock holdings with different brokerage firms in different portfolios, you can create multiple portfolios with Google, and

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There’s no point in delving too deeply into the super obvious, which is that Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) and industry peers have been hammered by the coronavirus. That goes for most of the travel and hospitality space as well. Even after its recent bounce, DAL stock is still 53% from its 52-week high.Source: NextNewMedia / At what point does all of this panic become an opportunity?For Delta and other airlines, that’s a very difficult question to answer because the situation continues to evolve. There are many unknowns and moving parts with the coronavirus and the airline sector.InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips * 30 Stocks on a Deathwatch How will the former ultimately impact the economy? How will the latter look after federal aid relief? Airlines vs. CoronavirusIt’s not a secret to investors that the coronavirus has depressed global and domestic air travel.

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Walmart to give hourly workers cash bonuses, seeks 150,000 new employees

Walmart Inc. announced late Thursday that it would give cash bonuses of more than half a billion dollars to its employees as it looks to hire another 150,000 workers. The retailer said it would give full-time employees who are paid hourly a bonus of $300 apiece, and part-time hourly employees a bonus of $150 on April 2. The company is also accelerating its next scheduled quarterly bonus by a month, paying out the bonuses as if the company hit all of its first-quarter goals. In total, the bonuses will cost about $550 million, the company announced. “Walmart associates have gone above and beyond the call of duty in serving our customers during these unprecedented times,” Chief Executive Doug McMillon said in a statement. “We want to reward our associates for their hard work

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