Finance Ministry Restructuring Is Political: MPs

A number of Afghan lawmakers on Sunday said a recent decision by the Presidential Palace to split up the Ministry of Finance into three separate directorates is political and it will weaken trust in the government among international donors.

Based on the decision, the ministry would be divided into the office of revenues and customs, the office of the treasury, and the finance administration.

“The widespread corruption in the Ministry of Finance–now divided into three parts–will be increased three-fold. This itself will cause damage to Afghanistan’s economy and this decision is not a scientific decision, it is a political decision,” said Azim Mohseni, head of the finance and budget committee of the Afghan parliament.

“Corruption is the reason behind the weakness of Afghanistan’s institutions. The reason for corruption is that committed and specialized people are not appointed for tasks, they are mostly appointed for political purposes,” said Gul Rahman Hamdard,

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