CLJ-CMS Clean-up Reports in Business Intelligence Tool (BIT)

There are a number of new and updated reports available in Business Intelligence Tool (BIT) that Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (CLJ) can begin to run to get ready for the CLJ-CMS project.  To make it easier for the courts to locate these clean-up reports, a new folder was created in the CLJ Statewide Reports folder in BIT called “Clean-up.”  The reports can be run now to do some initial clean-up of the court’s records but can also be run periodically to make sure there are no new issues.  For assistance with scheduling a report to run in BIT see eService Answer # 2153 – Schedule BIT queries to run automatically.

NOTE: These reports will not replace any clean-up reports that may be sent to the courts in the Data Quality efforts that are occurring.  Those reports will address major data quality issues in the court records that need to be

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