Sigma Computing Makes the Data-Driven Marketing Dream a Reality with New Analytics and Business Intelligence Templates

SAN FRANCISCO, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud-native analytics and business intelligence (A&BI), is powering data-driven marketing teams with new templates. Rather than toggling between dashboards in countless tools, marketers can now easily aggregate data into a single dashboard and analyze it themselves for richer, more impactful insights.

“Sigma’s new templates make it easy for marketers to take advantage of all their data quickly and finally get a complete picture of the customer journey,” said Candace Ng, President, IT Strategists. “Marketers have been missing out on transformative insights because their data is spread across multiple platforms. With Sigma, marketers can easily spot trends, patterns, and correlations others miss and a single insight has the power to transform a business.”

Frank Bell from IT Strategists will host a webinar entitled “Integrate & Analyze: How to Become a Modern Marketer” on Thursday, May

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