The 5 Most Powerful Celebrity Food Entrepreneurs Right Now

A select few in that world, though, have managed to surmount the odds, with some even developing business ventures outside their original niche. Chefs step out of the  kitchen to double as writers and TV hosts; restaurant owners become brand ambassadors. It’s not surprising, then, that several of AdWeek‘s recently crowned “30 Most Influential People In Food” have a flair for entrepreneurship.

Here are six food innovators who have cooked the competition to become some of the most prominent leaders in their field.

Mario Batali might have one of the best-known names in the food industry. The author of 10 cookbooks (and counting), the two-time James Beard Award winner has taken his talent from the kitchen to the boardroom, presiding over a veritable empire of eateries–with an impressive success rate. Together with his business partner Joe Bastianich, the celebrity chef co-owns restaurants and Italian marketplaces in New York City,

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