Can cryptocurrency portfolios be aided by tools built for traditional finance?

Ever since the crash, on-chain metrics suggest that investors now have predominantly bullish sentiment and are increasing their positions and hodling even more. With an increased interest in Bitcoin as a long term digital asset, there have been also increased development of investment products to cater to the demand.

Chandan Lodha, Co-founder of Cointracker, speaking on The Pomp podcast delved into the crypto ecosystem and highlighted the opportunities and challenges faced when it comes to investment portfolios and in portfolio tracking products for investors. He highlighted how tools built for traditional finance can positively benefit the crypto industry as well, he said,

“There are lots of very intelligent people who have been thinking about this outside of crypto, for regular finances and many of those strategies and tools can be built for the crypto ecosystem, and that’s a lot of what we’re doing. There are certain nuances and idiosyncrasies about

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Business intelligence in project portfolios


Projects and programs act as vehicles to drive and execute organizational strategy. Organizations group these initiatives under portfolios based on different criteria such as shared resources or aligned vertical markets. An organization’s project portfolio defines its strategic direction, thus it is important that the portfolio manager, portfolio management team, organizational executives, and other stakeholders have accurate information about the portfolio context and status. This information assists in making better, more- informed decisions. Taking leverage of business intelligence (BI) concepts, methods, and tools can reveal important insights about the portfolio and its underlying components to the portfolio management team, empowering them with information that becomes the basis for better decision making.

The objective of this paper is to propose portfolio reporting through dashboards and other BI tools, while utilizing both structured and unstructured data that is generated in the portfolio. The complete cycle for BI implementation for project portfolios has

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