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Music and Intelligence in the Early Years – John M. Feierabend Ph.D.

by John M. Feierabend, Ph.D.

The Hartt School
University of Hartford
From Early Childhood Connections, Spring 1995

What a child has heard in his first six years of life cannot be eradicated later. Thus it is too late to begin teaching at school, because a child stores a mass of musical impressions before school age, and if what is bad predominates, then his fate, as far as music is concerned, has been sealed for a lifetime.1

Zoltan Kodály delivered these wise words during a speech on Children’s Day in 1951. He spoke many times about the importance of influencing the musical spirit in young people through the introduction of quality musical literature. He was equally concerned that, in addition to quality literature, children experience teachers who demonstrate excellent personal musicianship and provide effective and efficient pedagogy, especially during the earliest years of life.

Kodály’s strong philosophical convictions have more

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