Personalization in SAP Business Intelligence 4.0 Web Intelligence Publications – Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects)


The purpose of this WIKI page is to demonstrate the creation of Publications for bursting Web Intelligence reports with the use of personalization.


This WIKI explains how to create publications using personalization when scheduling Web Intelligence documents via BI LaunchPad in SAP Business Intelligence 4.0.

It covers the creation of the publication, setting up profiles for use with personalization and using personalization to provide recipients with customized data.

What is a Publication?

Publishing allows for customized information to be sent to groups or individuals in the form of Web Intelligence documents or Crystal Reports.

This customization is defined by several publishing rules such as document sources, recipients and personalization.

Refer to the BI Launch Pad User Guide for BI 4 found on for information on using Publications.

From this guide:
Publishing makes documents, such as Crystal reports and Web Intelligence documents, available automatically via email or FTP

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