Using Dashboard Based Business Intelligence Systems – A Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles

Business Intelligence Systems Defined

Business intelligence systems (BIS) are interactive computer-based structures and subsystems intended to help decision makers use communication technologies, data, documents, knowledge, and analytical models to identify and solve problems. The new generation of BIS offers the potential for significantly improving operational and strategic performance for organizations of various sizes and types.

During the 1990s, most large organizations engaged in enterprise data warehousing projects. The scope of these efforts ranged from combining multiple legacy systems to developing user interface tools for analysis and reporting. The data warehouse is the underlying structure that is used to generate a variety of reports and analyses. In the past, business intelligence amounted to a set of weekly or monthly reports that tended to be unconnected.

Two salient features of the new generation of BIS are integration and visualization. Typically, this information flow is presented to the manager via a graphics display

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