Different Ways to Receive Payments Online

The Department of Commerce reported that retail e-commerce sales in the US increased by 5%, totaling to $154.5 billion between the second and third quarter of 2019.

Online businesses are rising rapidly as people are embracing online shopping. Consequently, the need to have reliable online payment platforms is a constant concern for business owners and consumers.

If you’re an online entrepreneur, it is essential to give your customers a variety of payment channels. Other than PayPal, you can receive payments through different platforms. Keep reading to know other online payment methods that you can use.


Stripe is one of the payment processing systems, which create online checkouts. This online payment method handles recurring fees and subscriptions. It further stores card data, making it ideal for businesses that require a free checkout solution.

When using Stripe, each transaction is 2.9% and an additional 30 cents. There is no setup or

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