Hair Products Entrepreneur Finds A Way To Keep Her Business Afloat : NPR

Faced with the prospect of closing up shop because of the coronavirus, some companies are retooling and pivoting to keep their doors open, and their workers employed.


Social distancing has devastated businesses that only work face to face. Think about hair salons, for example. And then that trickles down. You have the vendors who sell shampoo and conditioner to hair salons. Stacey Vanek Smith and Cardiff Garcia of our daily econ podcast The Indicator met a business owner who’s trying to adapt.

CARDIFF GARCIA, BYLINE: Entrepreneurs and business owners all over the country are in the same position. Their revenue is just gone, up in smoke. And a lot of them are desperately trying to pivot. They’re trying to get online, setting up delivery – trying anything and everything to keep some money coming in, people like Stephanie Luster, who saw things going downhill quickly…


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Personal Finance Advice For The Coronavirus Crisis : NPR

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with Kimberly Palmer, personal finance expert at NerdWallet, about money management during the coronavirus pandemic.


We’re focusing this hour on answering practical questions about the coronavirus and all the changes to daily life it’s brought about. In a minute, we’ll hear about how to juggle dating and social distancing. But first, we’re going to turn our attention to personal finances.

It’s probably safe to assume that the steps being taken to control the coronavirus outbreak is affecting your finances. On the one hand, you might be saving on your commute. On the other, you might be spending more, stocking up on food and cleaning supplies or books and games and activity sets for the kids. And a lot of people are making less money or seeing income dry up completely because so many workplaces have shut down.

That got us wondering about what

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Business and Financial News : NPR

Business and Financial News : NPR

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Episode 982: How To Save The Economy Now

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