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Guidelines for Male Condom Use

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Condoms undoubtedly are a extremely successful contraceptive process. It’s got a ninety nine.99% usefulness charge, which is among the highest between all other contraceptive methods. Even so improper use can enormously diminish the condom’s effectiveness and will even render it worthless find this . Beneath are the actions that have to be taken when putting on a condom:

one. Open the package deal diligently making sure that the condom will not tear during the process. Be sure never to use your enamel or another sharp objects to help in opening the condom’s packaging. A person crucial tip that may be generally neglected is: Don’t unroll the condom in advance of putting it on. The condom is rolled in these a method so to facilitate effortless software.

two. When applying, pull back the foreskin. Position the condom around the suggestion of the erect penis. In the event you start off by positioning the condom backwards, never, by all suggests turn it all-around and use it like that. Throw it absent and start a whole new one particular. The smallest little bit of fluid around the soiled side with the condom could even now result inside of a being pregnant and as a consequence defeats the contraceptives reason.

3. Pinch the suggestion in the condom so to squeeze out extra air and roll it out till it reaches the base in the penis. At this stage, verify the condom to ensure that there’s room in the idea which there are no breaks within the condom’s area. If that’s the case, insert the penis for intercourse.

four. Soon after ejaculation, Hold on for the condom in the base with the penis when pulling out keeping the condom on. This could ensure that there is no spillage with the semen. Take away the condom prior to the penis gets soft. When eradicating it, slide the condom off without spilling the semen within. Eliminate the use condom adequately afterwards.

Apart from the right usage of a male condom, you will also find a handful of ideas that would enable preserve the contraceptive products powerful.

o Do not use Oil primarily based solutions like: Grease, Lotions, or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) that will help lubricate the condom more. These oil dependent substances can make the condom split and therefore unusable.

o In no way reuse a condom, make sure you make use of a new one each time you’ve sexual intercourse.

o Keep your condoms inside a amazing dry put. Exposing them to direct heat might outcome inside of a lessen on the condoms integrity and result in it to simply split.

o Seem at the producing day in the condom’s packaging. Never utilize a condom that’s previous or maybe more than two many years previous. More mature types may perhaps presently be brittle and may outcome in easy breakage. Also, usually do not use condoms which have harm packaging. This might result while in the condom within currently being broken too.

o Don’t make use of a condom if it seems brittle or dried out. Consequently the integrity from the condom is compromised and may final result in breakage when applied.

o Do not make use of a condom when there is any type of discoloration and when it feels unusually sticky. This often suggests that the condom is flawed in some way.