How Entrepreneur & ESPN Host Jay Williams Envisions Tomorrow’s Normal for Business, Sports and Beyond

The COVID-19 crisis has had an effect on every small business owner. Owners have had to decide quickly on work-from-home options, transitioning there strategy to delivery and take-out only or just temporarily closing up.

That even includes our key guest, Entrepreneur and ESPN host Jay Williams, who is an investor in several businesses and a New York City restaurant. Join us as Jay Williams explains how he guides his ventures through today’s new normal and prepares them for whatever the future holds.

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About the Speaker

Jay Williams is a story of reinvention. He is a philanthropist, business entrepreneur and former No. 2 overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft for the Chicago Bulls. After graduating from Duke University in just 3 years and being a unanimous selection for National Player of the Year, Williams began what he thought was his destiny. But

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