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There are lots of very wrong myths out there about entrepreneurs that may be worthwhile for you to examine as you think about whether starting a business is right for you.

In his book, How to Start and Operate a Business: Winning the Entrepreneurial Game, which I published a number of years ago, author David Rye lists and debunks a number of these myths.

Myth No. 1: Entrepreneurs Are High Risk Takers

Entrepreneurs, Rye states, are often thought of in terms of the risk they assume. Even the dictionary describes an entrepreneur as one who assumes business risks. However, like all prudent businesspeople, entrepreneurs know that taking high risks is a gamble. Entrepreneurs are neither high nor low risk takers. They prefer situations in which they can influence the outcome, and they like challenges if they believe the odds are in their favor.

10 Myths About Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs tend to carefully seek the best
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