Modernize business-critical workloads with intelligence

IT teams can’t afford to stand pat with their business-critical applications and workloads. In today’s era of mobility, big data analytics and always-on transactional demand, legacy apps must be able to offer features and functionality that are comparable to—and complementary with—cloud-native apps.

Today’s databases, OLTP systems and CRM systems must also support faster, more agile development processes to enable new capabilities such as artificial intelligence and microservices. In addition, with data projected to grow by a factor of 10 between 2016 and 2025, these apps all require faster performance, more capacity, enhanced agility and bullet-proof reliability.

Choosing the right technology solutions to modernize business-critical applications can deliver significant value to any business. For example, research from IDC has shown that using hyper-converged infrastructure to modernize and transform certain applications can deliver these key benefits:

  • 66% more efficient operations
  • 61% lower cost of operations
  • 34% faster application development lifecycle
  • 99% less
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