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Mobile Phone Tracking Apps

The advancement of technology brings with it a couple of merits and demerits. All the advantages the new age technologies offer far outweighs the disadvantages associated with them. In the modern age apart from just being able to contact your friends, relatives or colleagues, your smartphone can be used to monitor your employees, for tracing a missing person, tracking the location of a friend or colleague and can also be used as a parenting tool.

There are many ways a free tracking app can help you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

  • Managing your Business: GPS mobile tracker feature helps to determine and track the location of the target user from your personal account. It makes use of the cell towers, Wi-Fi signals and the GPS for tracking the exact location of the particular monitored device. This is of help when you have to track your
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Top 10 Mobile Business Intelligence Apps

By Drew Robb     Feedback

Mobile BI moves the needle on productivity by giving people access to the data they need to do their jobs on their smartphones and tablets.

Just as business is no longer confined by the walls of a company’s physical facilities, business intelligence (BI) has largely untethered itself from the centralized workstation.

Industry-changing apps such as Uber are using mobile BI functionality to overwhelm a technologically conservative industry.

“Mobilizing data has the potential to facilitate new business models and disrupt entire industries,” said Martha Bennett, an analyst at Forrester Research in a report entitled, The Key Ingredients for Mobile BI Success. “Mobile BI will be a differentiator between industry leaders and laggards.”

The number of North American and European companies making business intelligence applications available on mobile devices has quadrupled over the past three years, she reports. Another Forrester analyst, Boris Evelson, said companies are now beginning

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