Master of Science in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance allows students to earn a graduate degree in 16 months, beginning coursework in August and finishing the following December. The MSF program is a full-time residential program, taking place on the USC campus. There are no minimum years of work experience required to be eligible to apply for the MSF program. 

Who would benefit from a Master of Science in Finance?

The primary objective of the Master of Science in Finance is to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to make an immediate impact as analysts within the various realms of finance and thus advance their careers. The program is open to both business and non-business undergraduates and equips them with tools, ideas and frameworks to excel in early-stage finance jobs.

STEM Designated Program

The Master of Science in Finance program at USC is a STEM designated program, which allows international

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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics | Master of Science in Information Technology | Online IT Programs

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Ways to Master Business Improvement

Business Intelligence Process: Ways to Master Business Improvement

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Whoever tries the most stuff usually wins. Does your business put a priority on its business intelligence process? Does it monitor your competitive analysis, marketplace trends and its understanding of market change? And most importantly, does it put a priority on making changes as a result of insights from this analysis?
business intelligence process
You need a business intelligence process.
This is a four-part series on critical elements of business intelligence. This first part discusses an overview of business intelligence and the three types of business intelligence that are most critical to the average business.
Here are links to all parts of this series:
The Business Intelligence Process Part 2 Market Analysis
The Business Intelligence Process Part 3 Competitive Analysis
The Business Intelligence Process Part 4 SWOT Analysis

What is the meaning of business intelligence?

Business intelligence
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BIDA | Master of Information Systems Management | Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Pathway

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EDHEC Master

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Master of Finance

The STEM Designated Master of Finance program at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management prepares graduates to tackle significant challenges facing the financial sector.

Rady School Master of Finance graduates have secured positions with organizations such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Altegris, CITIC Securities, Drobny Capital, Rayliant Global Advisors, Gurtin Municipal Bond Management, PhoenixMart, Meritco Services, Dimensional Fund Advisors, UBS, and Stanford University.

Listen to Dr. Michael Melvin, program Director, give an overview of the program via the Master of Finance Webinar.

The Home of Econometrics

The Rady School is in a unique position to offer a Master of Finance that emphasizes quantitative methods, empirical work and financial econometrics. UC San Diego has a rich tradition in empirical and theoretical econometrics. Some of the most widely-used empirical models developed from the research of UC San Diego faculty. The emphasis on rigorous empirical data-driven methods differentiates the Rady School’s

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Master of Finance | MIT Sloan

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Our Inspiring, Respected Global Community Welcomes You

There is no other place on earth quite like MIT.  The MIT experience begins with our community of students, faculty and staff — a dynamic, inspiring and welcoming group.  We have assembled the best talent from all corners of the earth, and together we are a powerful force.  We challenge each other to excel, and to have a positive impact on the world.

When you step onto campus, you’ll experience the energy of a recognized hub for innovation in finance, entrepreneurship, and technology.  It’s a place where experimentation, exploration and pushing boundaries are encouraged and supported.  You’ll also sense our informality and culture of mutual respect.  Despite our elite status, the MIT community of high achievers is known for being refreshingly down to earth.

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As an MIT Sloan student, you’ll gain access to

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Master of Science in Finance Program

The corporate finance track is suitable for students interested in pursuing careers in corporate finance, financial consulting, commercial banking, investment banking, and private equity. Accordingly, the curriculum has been designed to help students develop their expertise in financial analysis, valuation, corporate financial management, investment banking, private equity, and risk management.

We present below a recommended course schedule for full-time students entering the program in the fall semester of 2018 who plan to graduate in 18 months. The required foundation courses are listed in red, the required advanced courses are listed in blue, whereas the advanced elective courses are listed in black. The course schedule below represents the optimal sequencing of finance courses by ensuring that students complete the necessary prerequisite courses before taking advanced electives. However, students may choose their own electives and the pace through the program.


Semester Course Credit Hours
Fall (Year 1) 10.5
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Master in Business Intelligence | Grantham University

Business Intelligence (Master of Science)

The business intelligence (BI) program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in technology and decision-making tools that will contribute to their ability to collect, interpret and use information. This program integrates technological concepts into a business framework, providing students with an advanced business education in the fields of technology and decision science.

Students enrolled in this master’s program are required to follow courses in a pre-determined sequence.


The BI degree program teaches students how to collect data and transform it into useful, business- enhancing information. Upon completing the program, you’ll be able to identify and forecast business trends, build business models based on those trends, evaluate organizational performance and much more.

The program’s 36-credit hour curriculum consists of a variety of courses within business, management and information systems. The program culminates

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Master of Science in Management-Finance

COVID-19 Admissions Update

The COVID-19 situation created many obstacles in our lives. At Weatherhead School of Management, we understand the constraints many of our applicants are facing in taking standardized tests or submitting official transcripts in time. To help you in the application process, our admissions staff will review each case on its merits and offer flexibility and waivers as needed. We also changed our deadlines to give you more time to apply. Please get in touch with Deborah Bibb, Executive Director of Admissions, at if you have any questions.

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