Introduction to Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML) for SSIS

By: Koen Verbeeck   |   Updated: 2018-09-12   |   Comments (3)   |   Related: More > Integration Services Development


With Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), you can build powerful
and flexible packages to manage your enterprise-wide ETL solutions. However, every
ETL project has some repetitive tasks: you need to import 20 different flat file
exports from the ERP system, you need to load 15 dimensions into the data warehouse
and so on. With SSIS out-of-the-box, you are forced to create multiple individual
packages which is very time consuming due to the lack of easy code reuse. In a typical
BI project, the ETL implementation can easily take up 60% of the project time, so
it is beneficial if the development time of similar SSIS packages can be cut down.


Biml, which stands for Business Intelligence Markup Language, offers

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