Industry Intelligence – Everyone’s a decision maker

Providers Google, Yahoo Factiva, LexisNexis, Meltwater ThomsonReuters, Bloomberg, Industry Publications / Newsletters Industry Intelligence Inc. Target users Untargeted – Generic Information Professionals: Analysts & Researchers Information Professionals: Analysts & Researchers Every knowledge worker at every level & function Underlying framework Click, Click, Click:
Information overload Build, Build, Build:
Manage & construct your own search queries Read, Read, Read:
Manage, dig & process the information Digestible 360ยบ views Business model Sell advertising = get users to click and spend time online Sell content = get users to spend time trying to filter content Sell Research = get users to spend time diving deep into singular narrow issues Industry Intelligence Inc puts relevant market intelligence at your fingertips. We make sure that information is always digestible and always relevant Solution based on Technology Technology Journalists/Editors Sector-specific knowledge + Information management experts + Proprietary & patented technology Industry/sector focus yes yes yes yes Supply & demand market
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