10 Fearless Singaporean Female Entrepreneurs Who #MadeItHappen

In around a week’s time, it’ll be International Women’s Day. In honour of the 2015 theme #MakeItHappen, we’ve come up with a diverse list of homegrown female entrepreneurs who faced up to naysayers, disrupted their industries, made courageous career switches mid-stream, set off trends, or in a myriad other ways broke through barriers to do what seemed implausible. Whether they’ve made it big or are just starting out, here are ten women who’ve made it happen in spite of being told “You’re crazy” or “You can’t”.

1. Lyn Lee — Founder of cake shop Awfully Chocolate

If setting up a cake shop with only one product sounds like an airy-fairy idea — well, that’s what the people around Lyn Lee thought as well. It was in the middle of the Asian Financial Crisis that she left her career as a lawyer to enter F&B, and “doomed to fail” was a

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