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Market Research Analyst, Market Research Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Forecaster, Marketing Specialist helps IT professionals find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations.

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Individuals working as business intelligence analysts look for patterns and trends in data, and produce financial and market intelligence reports by querying available data repositories. They may examine geographic and seasonal trends as well as overall market behavior in order to provide recommendations for action. Their reports may be tailored to the needs of specific users. These professionals may develop programs and tools to facilitate their

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Business Intelligence Tutorial – Learn Latest BI Features & Applications

Today, we are exploring the term Business Intelligence or BI which is becoming popular with each passing year. It is important for the management and employment of data. So, in this Business Intelligence Tutorial, we will explore the history, versions, features, and functions of BI. Moreover, we will cover the applications and the advantages & disadvantages of Business Intelligence.

So, let’s start a Business Intelligence tutorial.

Business intelligence tutorial

Business Intelligence Tutorial

2. What is BI?

Since the advent of technology, man has been doing technological wonders. One such technology is data science which surfaced during mid-1900sand has been spreading its roots since then. With increased data load emerged the need of organizing, storing and drawing useful insights from it in order to enhance business value. Which introduced concepts of Business Intelligence in the picture.

The term Business Intelligence refers collectively to the tools and techniques used for the collection, integration, analysis and

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