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Communication, life blood of any organization in business world

by Premasara Epasinghe
B A (Cey), Dip in Ed, Dip in Mktg, Lecturer, Educationist, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant


The word communication can be defined as sending and receiving information, emotions, ways of thinking or behaving, between two or more persons by using verbal or non-verbal, body language with a view to understanding.

An exchange of information by people can also be defined as communication. Thing that is communicated, or a message can also be considered as communication. Further, communicating through roads, railways, telephone and telegraph lines between places or radio or TV is also a kind of communication. In “Marketing Management Jargon” a sender creates a message and transmit to a receiver. For this, number of communication methods can be adopted. In the modern business world, communication plays an important role. It is a significant tool for business

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