What is a Visionary Entrepreneur? | Kaya Singer

This term visionary seems to get used a lot these days.  Last week someone asked me if people know what I mean by the term, visionary entrepreneur.

Those words are in the subtitle of my book and these are the exact people my book is being created for. (Wiser and Wilder: A Soulful Journey for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs)

Although the meaning seems obvious to me,  I thought, “what if I had to define it, what would I say?”  

So here are  three main things that helps define who a visionary entrepreneur is.

Is this you?

1.   World Changer. You have more than just a vision for your business.  Your vision certainly needs to include your financial goals and your picture that of what kind business you want to create in the future. Every good business owner does this. However, as a true visionary entrepreneur, your passion is to

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