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Estimating the cost of Business Intelligence

is-it-the-last-truck-load-of-money-for-the-data-warehouseHow much does a single Business Intelligence report cost a company? Well, obviously there is no single answer- but Boris Evelson of Forrester took a shot at it recently in a blog post. Even when it’s not an easy question, it is worth pursuing, and Boris lays out a useful discussion.

  • $150 000 is the AVERAGE cost of business intelligence software for a DEPARTMENT
  • ETL software (Extract transform and load) is also $150 000 on average.

And the rule of thumb for cost of effort and services is 5 times the software cost

I’m not making this up. Check the link.

In the end, Boris suggests that the cost of a single, fairly straight forward report might be $20,000. Of course as he rightly points out there are lots of variables, and it’s a classic case of “it depends”, but even so- clearly you want to be sure the reports

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Guide to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Guide to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Introduction to BI and DW

What is Business Intelligence?  What is a Data Warehouse?  This paper
introduces BI and DW concepts.  It puts Data Warehousing into a
historical context and discusses the business drivers behind this
powerful new technology.

Data Warehousing Architecture

This paper explains how data is extracted from operational databases
using ETL technology, cleansed, loaded into a data warehouses and made
available to end users via conformed data marts and various data
warehousing tools.

Data Warehousing Tools

This paper discusses “front end” Data Warehousing tools and
applications such as OLAP, Scorecards, Dashboards, Spreadsheets, Report
Writers, Data Mining and custom built application systems.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics uses data from your web server and your corporate
databases to help you make better strategic and tactical decisions. 
Much business intelligence can be obtained by understanding who is
visiting your

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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics


Organisations across the world are struggling to develop the know-how
to aggregate, analyse, and most importantly monetise the growing surge
of available data. Corporate and government entities point to a shortage
of individuals that have the combined business, analytics, IT, and
communications skills required to be leaders in this field. The School
of Information Systems and Management at Carnegie Mellon University’s
Heinz College is perfectly positioned to develop these leaders with our
world-renowned faculty teaching a cohesive blend of data analytics,
management, strategy, and IT courses.

Our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) programs are
aimed at developing an elite set of graduates cross-trained in business
process analysis, technology management and technically skilled in all
aspects of data science including predictive modelling, analytical
reporting, GIS mapping, segmentation analysis, and data visualisation.
Students will acquire the skills to integrate

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Business Intelligence Keywords | [Business Intelligence].[ALL]

I mainly write this post for novices who need to begin with Business Intelligence and to be aware of the most Business Intelligence keywords thus they could read any Business Intelligence article without any problem.

Business Intelligence: The art of extracting right information in timely manner to right person from raw data, it doesn’t depend on specific technology but very wide of technologies depend on; like Data Mining. It makes the organization realize its resources, potential and give the Big Image* to the status of its goals.

Operational Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence Systems build on the same Business Intelligence process ETL, Analysis then Reporting but they don’t care about KPIs and Measures more than data listing.

Tactical Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence Systems build on the same Business Intelligence process ETL, Analysis then Reporting beside they give a wide solutions to tactical managers who can use

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Competitor Intelligence Research | B2B International

Businesses now operate in a world in which information is more readily and publicly available than ever before.  Thanks to the development of the Internet, information on market trends, legislation, customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, product development and almost every other conceivable topic is available at the click of a mouse.  Search engines, online libraries, company websites and other sources provide information in an increasingly plentiful, easy to find, and easy to digest way.

Even traditional forms of information provision such as libraries and publications are moving online.  All in all, information providers are responding to customer demand by making more and more information available not only online, but also in a searchable format (see Figure 1 below).

Figure 1 – Gravitation Towards Online, Searchable Information

Competitor Intelligence

Despite this trend, it is often the most valuable information which cannot be found online.  An example of this is competitor intelligence, regarded

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Five Key Trends in Business Intelligence | Microsoft Power BI Blog

The latest release of Power BI gives us a great opportunity to look at how some smart folks in the industry view the latest trends in business intelligence.  Here are five ones you should know:

BI used to be the sole province of data experts in IT or information analyst specialists. Now the move is toward democratizing the access and analysis of data across the organization. Today, a data analyst could be a product manager, a line-of-business executive, or a sales director. Browser-based analytics now enable business users themselves to answer impromptu questions that are relevant to their expertise, and then create sophisticated visualizations to share with others. More companies are recognizing BI for everyone as a strategic advantage. They’re supporting business users with tools to help empower them as data analysts.

What better tool for empowering business users than Power BI? With features that simplify accessing datasets, creating visualizations,
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Intelligence Pathways – Business Intelligence and Competitive Insights

Intelligence Pathways - Business Intelligence and Competitive Insights
  • Business Intelligence and Competitive Insights

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    Global business intelligence services

  • Building an Intelligence Capability

    We offer flexibility and results

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    We offer your business international consultancy solutions

  • Customized Reporting Solutions

    Report design, charting and population services and strict quality control

Business Intelligence & Competitive Insights

Business and Competitive Intelligence Outsourcing by Intelligence Pathways
Business and Competitive Intelligence Outsourcing Services (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

We are a leading global provider of world class consulting, back office support and proven expertise in four different major areas – competitive intelligence, marketing research, business intelligence and strategy. Few companies can claim such extensive expertise and really mean it. We can. We

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Business Intelligence vs. Operational Intelligence

Business Intelligence vs. Operational Intelligence

May 5, 2011

By David Kelly and Heather Ashton

Insight is everything in business. Having the right tools to optimize business processes is the wish of every business analyst. While business intelligence as a discipline has existed for many years in enterprise computing, operational intelligence has emerged in recent years as the hot-button area for driving business optimization.

The goal of operational intelligence (or business process intelligence) is to provide business analysts with real-time data related to business processes and activities as they are executed. This real-time information can then be used to optimize business processes by enabling them to make changes midstream to avert an interruption or avoid a bottleneck.

There are many different types of solutions on the market that attempt to provide business analysts with this operational intelligence. One that is worth taking a closer look at provides a very

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10 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help Your Organization

business_intellience.jpgWhat is business intelligence, and why is it so important now, given our current market environment? To explore this topic more deeply, we asked thought leaders, executives, and consultants to share their insights. These industry experts touch on a variety of compelling benefits that stretch across different business functions — from marketing to sales to customer service. Here are ten ways business intelligence can enhance your organization and help decision makers make more informed, effective choices.  

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What is Agile business intelligence (BI)?

Agile BI is an approach to business intelligence (BI) that incorporates Agile software development methodologies to accelerate and improve the outcomes of BI initiatives.

When an organization embraces Agile BI, it generally embeds Agile software developers in the organization’s business intelligence team. As with all Agile initiatives, BI projects are broken down into a series of smaller projects that are planned for, developed, tested and rolled out on a continuous basis. This iterative development approach facilitates continuous improvement and helps an organization adapt more quickly to changing market conditions and organizational goals. Each iteration of an Agile BI project is planned and reviewed by both the software development team and the business owners who have requested work. This close collaboration between business and IT results in better communication, clearly-defined goals and end results that more accurately meet expectations.

As with any Agile initiative, Agile BI tends to reduce total cost

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