We Hired A Business Coach, And Here’s What Happened

Our team spent 3 days with an executive coach working on Groove. Here’s how it went.

If you want to connect with our coach for your business, contact me and I’ll provide an intro 🙂

Last month, much of the world was winding down for the holidays.

We were all getting ready to take some time off, get together with our families and friends, and do anything but work for a few days.

But before the Groove team celebrated the holidays, we had one thing left to do.

In the second week of December, the leadership team—me plus the three people in charge of each of our core functions (marketing, development and customer support)—traveled to New York for an experience that would change the way we looked at our business.

Over three days, we took a hard, top-down look at Groove, at where we are, where we’re headed, and where

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