Business Entrepreneur: The gift of experience in words for you

business entrepreneur

As the Managing Director and sole shareholder of a small boutique law firm, I am ultimately responsible for everything.  Though my business is legal services, the same can be said of many other entrepreneur businessmen in the services industry.  It is however true that the path of the entrepreneur is filled with a rocky road of challenges and disappointments completely unrelated to their core business.  Most entrepreneurs are driven by the insatiable challenge of wanting to prove something, each personal and unique.

Excuse my tardiness but “ENTREPRENEURS BEWARE”:

  • A good idea does not always translate into a good business but a good idea well implemented can solve a multitude of problems once you make a constructive decision, so take time out to think about what you are doing, often better than endless hours of hard work without purpose.
  • Passion trumps knowledge because it takes time and effort time to
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