Finance Introduction & Authority to Act

I/we as known on our application for finance, on behalf of our business noted on our application for finance (herein known as “The Client”) has given (herein known as “The Broker”) exclusive authority to act is its finance broker, for the purposes of sourcing an appropriate loans for their business.

This agreement supersedes any other Mandate or Authority to act, or any other partner arrangement between The Client and another broker, affiliate partner, referrer or lender.

The Broker will introduce The Client to providers of business finance, in return for a commission if a finance deal is successfully concluded, as per the terms of this agreement.

The definitions and rules of interpretation in this clause apply in this agreement (unless the context requires otherwise).
Completion: means the successful conclusion of a deal between the Finance Provider and

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Business Licensing Authority – Consumer Affairs Victoria

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The Business Licensing Authority website has now merged with the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

Jurisdictional arrangements for licensing remain the same, however all of your licensing and regulation information is now available in the one location on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

You can access this information via the following links:

Who we are

Victoria’s Business Licensing Authority (BLA) provides licences to businesses that need one to operate lawfully.

In performing our role, we balance the interests of business, consumers and the public.

The BLA and Consumer Affairs Victoria share office space and work together closely.

The BLA is an independent regulator within the Victorian Government’s Justice portfolio, operating under the Business Licensing Authority Act 1998 (the Act).

It licenses and registers:

  • conveyancers
  • estate agents
  • motor car traders
  • owners corporation managers
  • rooming house operators
  • second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers
  • sex work service providers.

The Act requires that

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