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Fostering Mental Wellness for Improved … A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” or “Health

Fostering Mental Wellness for Improved …

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” or “Health is Wealth” is a globally accepted axiomatic statement. If a person cares for his physical as well as mental health, it …Read More »


AI Set to Revolutionize Medical Device …

Artificial intelligence and related technologies have already become a major draw in healthcare industry with the potential to transform patient care as well as administrative proces…Read More »


Building up the Startup Ecosystem and B…

The Union Budget 2020 announced recently had several upsides for the businesses of start-ups and MSMEs. In order to support the growth of start-ups, the Finance Minister proposed tha…Read More »

img Indian Pet market to be …

Woofwoofnow’s Mission and Vision is to be the most Pet friendly Organisation; to build a place Where Pet Parents can rely on and come to find and discover any Pet service they might …Read More »

Time to Re-write the Story of Life and …

“Spend every dollar as if it were your last.” This advice from Sequoia Capital, a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley did not come yesterday but in 2008 when t…Read More »

UAE Develops Happiness Formula…

Can you measure happiness or draw a formula for how happy you are? As an individual, we may have various yardsticks to know how happy one is but can a nation make an elaborate agenda…Read More »

Krea University Set up : Academia-Industry Join Hands .. ( 11 ) Comments

The dynamic and diverse world of 21st century offers a whole new set of challenges and opportunities – and the future leaders of this ce…Read More »

Who said Strategic Analytics are only for the “Big Boys.. ( 9629 ) Total Hits

Sharpen your ‘axe’ SME’s by ushering a ‘Data Driven’ culture!

Are SME’s too small for Business Intelligence and Analy…Read More »

Open Source “Ruby on Rails” Solutions – Josh Software .. ( 9387 ) Total Hits

After getting admission in Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) computers and software grabbed Gautam’s attention, since then he acqui…Read More »

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